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    Energy stolen in Berlin by cinemagraph technique.
    A simple way to watch the soul of the World.

    Dear friends, summer has gone and most of us are doing their best while starting this new solar year. It sounds like the same old pattern, but this time is different.. Somehow, we all feel that there`s a change on its way, both in our individual lives and the environment, but more important, we need that change, because this is the right time for it.. Perhaps we`ll still need to work hard for it, in any possible way.
    We do believe that humanity, especially in the western side of the world, needs to go back to the elements (earth, fire, water, air) in order to get in rhythm with Nature… More and more people are becoming aware of the evilness, the madness and the contradictions of our times, so many veils are falling down. There`s need for a general “downshifting”, we need more time, we need a slow life, a less destructive one…
    Klesha Production and Al-Maranca are glad to present their new video: KINETIC
    Shot in Berlin with a technique called “cinemagraph”, it will be launched on Tuesday 27th of September, at 1 pm, the time when the next new moon will raise, hopefully bringing plenty of positive thoughts and precious intuitions for all of us.
    Please share, comment and if wish, tell us how you would like your life to slow down, or maybe that`s already happening…

    Directed by:
    Pask D’Amico

    Shot, Editing and animation by:
    Klesha production

    Music by:
    Al-Maranca in “A Licosa”

    Photography supervisor:
    Luca Spennato

    Special thanks to:
    Nicola Bavaro for audio mixdown


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