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    A musical experience, a urban exploration, a multidimensional trip through common Lives and famous Quotes. Mandala, visions, colours, sounds, shapes, fractals, faces, hopes, needs, habits, wishes mixed

    in an intensive and rhythmic audio visual animation: a multi-character narration through the four dimensions of City, Food, Nature and Dream. Who are we really? What do we actually do?
    How do we observe life for then sharing our emotions and feelings? Where do we go and where
    do we move when we dream? When are we effectively alive? A sociological, anthropological
    and creative view on the Dream Society captured in the European city symbol of the post-modern
    age, Berlin. A waking dream, where conscious and unconscious are deeply linked. A vibrant journey into daily human life, where all human beings are naturally related with the whole Universe.
    We are all connected. Is life a collective waking dream?

    “LIVES and QUOTES” is a new creative audiovisual entertainment experience created by Klesha Production involving common people as actor and common places as production set. A low budget production with a high human engagement.

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